assignment in William Faulkner, The Sound and the Fury

11/9    “April 8, 1928”:    for your blog:   your reaction to the ending

11/4  “April 6, 1928”.    for your blog:   mention a couple of  things from the earlier sections that got clarified in Jason’s.

11/2    “June 2, 1910 ”      for your blog:   after you finish the section what meaning do you see in the threads that constitute the paragraph  on the second page beginning   “If it had been cloudy.”  Okay to cheat by seeing if someone else’s blog provides a good explanation for something you didn’t get.   Thank the person in a Comment.  And credit the person in your own blog.   This, in short, can be highly collaborative.


10/28     second half.   for your  blog:   choose a passage in this half of Benjy’s section, about the length of a page, for illumination

10/26     “April 7,  1928”  first half.   blog: at what point did the book come alive for you.

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