final blog: English 255?

essentially:  what in your opinion should this course be?  the 20th century canon?   global literature? a comibination of the two?

what particularly worked for you?   what didn’t?   have you changed your thinking on this question as the course moved forward?   in time, what do you think will matter to you as a reader?  an English major?

the form of this blog is entirely up to you.   since it is a blog, you have every opportunity to depart from a formally structured traditional term paper.

you may want to include your reactions to the work of your classmates on this subject.   you may want to investigate the canon wars which have been waged in academia for the last few decades.

my only stipulation is that the piece be well-developed, of substantial length, and written with care–which means a certain amount of revision and rewriting either on the blogsite or elsewhere.

due date: Christmas eve.   the piece will be worth about a 30% of your final grade.

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